HIIT to Burn Off Fat and Increase Cardiovascular Health

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat off your body quick.
It consists of sprinting, jumping, or doing more complex exercises for a short duration, in a very high intense manner.
For example, you can run at 10 MPH on the treadmill for a minute, and then slow down to 4 MPH for a minute, and repeat the process. You start out low, and build your way up to higher durations of intense running. On day one, you could do 30 seconds of intense sprinting at 10 MPH with 2 minutes of fast walking at 4 MPH. You could work your way up to 10MPH for 2 minutes and 2 minutes of 4 MPH.  Early on, you can do this for a total of 5 minutes, and you can move on to doing 15 minutes or more.
Doing this type of exercise for 15 minutes can be equivalent to running for 45-60 minutes at an average speed.  You can crush your calorie burning in a shorter time, with all the same cardiovascular (that's heart people!) benefits. 
Try it today, keep a log of how long you lasted that day doing 30 seconds on, 2 minutes off, and try to achieve 2 minutes of sprints and 2 minutes of rest.
Of course, it can be ANY form of exercise that raises your heart rate. 
Check out this simple HIIT circuit: 
As you can see, it is nothing crazy, simply ways to get you to raise your heart rate. With this specific one, you can tone your abs at the same time because of the plank hold and climbers. This is again not only equivalent to, but surpasses average intensity workouts for a longer period of time.
Check out this scientific study, scroll down to the conclusion, specifically the part that says "HIIT is superior to MICT in improving cardiorespiratory fitness in participants of cardiac rehabilitation". This is one study among many others that demonstrates how effective HIIT is compared to other types of working out.
Good luck with your workouts, and see you in 30 pounds!

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